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"But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ."

2 Peter 3:18

In keeping with our purpose as a local church, it is our desire to “present every man perfect in Christ Jesus,” and to equip every individual and home represented at CBC so that they are a success in God’s eyes both in this life and the life to come. The preaching and teaching at CBC is based on the timeless principles of the Bible, and therefore, relevant to every day life. Whether you are a single adult, single parent, newly married couple, just starting a family, navigating the unique waters of rearing teenagers, empty nesters, or in your glorious golden years, God’s Word is true, practical and applicable.


Through adult SS classes, service activities, like-minded friendships or frequent times of fellowship, we are watching families of all ages and makeups thrive here at CBC. God’s Word works.

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